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Thick smoke billows from the burning Casino Royale in Monterrey, Mexico, as firefighters attack the blaze on Aug. 25, 2011
Since August of last year when the Casino Royale in Monterrey, Mexico was attacked by a drug cartel and more than 60 people lost their lives, casinos in Mexico and more specifically in resort areas have been under media attack from the United States in regards to their safety. 

As a resident of Cancun and avid lover of casinos, before you "duck and cover" from visiting one of Cancun's fine casinos let me serve up a few facts to ease your mind.  As I stated I am a permanent resident of Cancun and regularly travel to almost all parts of the city on a regular basis.  I write for several different web sites and organizations rating everything from all-inclusive resorts to taco stands.

I can honestly say that Cancun, Mexico is safer overall than most major American cities I have visited or lived in.  The people in Cancun are proud of their city and most make their living in one way or another from the 12 million odd tourists that travel through here every year.  Allowing this reputation to deteriorate would only serve to hurt Cancun's economy and tourist industry.

If anyone remotely pays attention to the news, travelers would realize that the majority of the violence in Mexico's drug war is relegated to the border towns near the USA.  In fact, there are more people kidnapped in Arizona every year per capita than in Mexico.

I have traveled and lived throughout the United States and numerous foreign countries for the past 50 years.  In my travels I have found no safer city, overall, than Cancun.  When you look at the violence that plagues most of the United States inner cities and then compare this "rate" of violence to Cancun, you would see that Cancun, Mexico is truly safe for tourists from all countries.

As everyone can certainly guess, illegal drugs are everywhere but if you study a map of the Yucatan you will see this.  The Yucatan Peninsula is a dead end when it comes to drug trafficking.  Even if a large shipment of drugs were to arrive in Cancun, there is no place for it to travel to the US or any other country.  Therefore Cancun is not used as a pipeline for drugs as the border towns are and hence, no drug war here.

I have always told travelers who ask me if Cancun is safe from the "Drug Wars" is that the only thing the drug lords fight over in Cancun are dinner reservations.

Coming to Cancun soon?  Please take the time to visit on of Cancun's finest won't be sorry you did.
Since the fire in August of 2011, the Mexican government has also put there foot down on casinos operating illegally. 

The original charter for casino operations allowed for "games similar to bingo" and nothing more.  Many casinos went a step further by describing live card games such as blackjack, Texas Hold’em and also roulette wheels to be forms of "Bingo"

Up until the Monterrey fire, these rules were largely overlooked and most casinos operated with some form of either electronic or in some cases, live card games.

During September and October of 2011 the Mexican government "audited" all casinos and forced them to stop offering all forms of cards, either electronic or live, Roulette, Video Poker, etc.

Because of this ban, the Playboy Club Casino in Cancun on Kukulkan Ave was permanently closed.

Drugs Wars and Casinos in Cancun Mexico

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